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Yay!!! It's Here!!!

WAHOO!!! It's FINALLY here!!!! I just got my official AAA 5th Anniversary Wristband. Mine came in green. I'm sooooo happy!!! Squee~!! :D


Another Update

Ok so nothing new much... First football game was Thursday. We creamed the other team 48-6. And now we are off for Labor Day Holiday on Monday. Yay!! Nothing else new so that's that.
Good bye everyone~!!


I'm Soo Happy!!! Squee~!! =D

Ok So, I just now bought my first AAA goodie. I bought a wristband! It's been a year since I started watching AAA and I haven't bought a single thing and I'm like I should buy something and I did. I know its just a wristband but since I have no license and therefor can not work I had to use my parents' money and I didn't want them to pay for a lot of money for a t-shirt or something. So just you wait! When I get a job I'll be buying all kinds of CDs and photobooks. But I can't wait till my wristband gets here!!!

Onto other topics. I can't wait for fall because so many things are coming out. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 is coming in September and so is my license. Then Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is also coming out in September but since I don't have a PSP I will have to wait until Christmas to actually get the game. Then I am going on a cruise for Thanksgiving. And lastly, AAA's Heart to Heart Tour DVD should be out soon. I forgot when. Comment if you know when!

That's all for today. So see you soon~!



Hey! I am now gonna add a post every Friday! So its the end of the first week of school today. I am now a junior! so exciting!
Anyway, nothing new. Morning band practices are killing me tho. lol Our first game is in 2 weeks.
Joined student council.... again. Hope we actually get to do stuff this time.
Quiz Time!!
What's your favorite music genre??
I've been trying to keep up with all the AAA latest stuff. I wish I knew how to read japanese that would make things easier. At least I'm trying to learn.
 Also wish I could see them live. When I'm a senior, I'm gonna travel to Japan and see them live no matter what!!! lol.
 Well that's my update. Leave a comment if you wanna.


Random! Gotta Love Random.

Ok.... So I haven't said anything in a while. Mainly just been searching through AAA stuff trying to see what's the latest. Sigh... I wanna see Shin-chan... lol. I can't wait till Heart to Heart tour comes out on DVD! So excited~!!!


Haha just something random

Ok I know this is random, but don't you hate when your hair looks awesome but ur not goin anywhere today??
lol. But anyway, this'll be my first post on my live journal and I couldn't think of what to put up!!! haha
So hello to anyone that reads this!!!!!!




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